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King of the Rucker will combine the substance and stakes of Pro Basketball, with the style and sparkle of Streetball, to determine who truly is – KING OF THE RUCKER. But that’s not all - in the main event, one lucky fan will get the chance to play one on one against a basketball legend, with an enormous cash prize at stake!

You break their ankles, and we’ll break the bank!

Coming Soon
Live Concerts

The best concerts are about more than just music - they take the music and elevate it to a whole other experience that resonates for years to come. Watch for exclusive events that take viewers to a higher level.

If music be the food of life, play on!

Coming Soon

This inspiring, motivational, spiritually-driven Live Streamed PPV Event will feature religion, leadership, coaching and teachings all wrapped up in an entertaining package from monumental venues around the world by the foremost thought leaders and spiritual influencers alongside other celebrities.

Be Enlightened. Be Empowered. Be Energized. Be Entertained.

MARCH 20, Fight Series

It was the most outlandish fight event in recent history! 8 superstar fighters went head to head in 4 combat disciplines: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Grappling, MMA, Boxing and Wrestling. Brimming with star power, hot moves and Lucha Libre! Fighters delivered an entertaining show, complete with hard hits, highflying action and compelling storylines.

Missed the live stream? Due to popular demand, watch the Fight Series re-broadcast for a limited time only.

Stephen Kane, Closest to the Hole Winner!

Chris McDonald hosted the $10,000,000 Hole in One Challenge which brought 18 entertainment and sports celebrities, plus 54 contest winners out to the Paiute Golf Resort to participate in an experience like no other all in the hopes of winning millions. Despite the lack of a Hole in One - everyone came out swinging. A challenging hole, only 4 shooters were able to make it onto the green. RiFF RAFF ran at the tee wearing cowboy swag, Michael Rapaport would not give up on his hopes of hitting it across the pond and Roy Jones Jr. is most definitely a boxer! Kate Quigley put on quite a show that many will not forget.

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